How to find the best Bangkok condos

One of the hardest things that one comes across after moving in to a new city or a new place is finding a permanent place to live, this can be a headache in some parts of the works but finding a good Bangkok condo is one of the easiest things as there are spread out all over Bangkok. It can be a stressing process to look for a place to live if you have just arrived in Bangkok or you have been living but in a temporary place and you want to look for a condo to settle in parentally.

Although it is a stressing to find a condo in any other place it is relatively easy to find a condo in Bangkok all you need to do is have the right specification, planning, preparation and the right execution you will have a condo of your choice in about a week’s time or less. What you need to do is follow some simple steps that will help you find something that you will be satisfied with these steps include.

Find temporary accommodation if new in Bangkok

Even though you have looked at Bangkok condos online and you have come up with a decision you should not go out to Bangkok if you are not prepared you should first get a temporary accommodation so that it can house you as you look at the prospective condos that you have decided on, this is to aid you from being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Know your budget

You may have a good idea of what you will be earning if you are to work in Bangkok or you are already working in Bangkok you can rate yourself on how much you can be able to afford condo wise and you should never choose a condo that will be over your head as you will end up messing your budget which is bad.

Consider all the bills you will be paying in the future

Keep in mind as you look at condos do not choose one that will be over your budget or one that is exact to your budget as you will have to keep your mind on crucial amenities that you will have to pay for as you live in the said Bangkok condo. The things you need to consider and their prices may range from:

Your water bill- About 150 to 300 baht per month

Internet-About 750 baht per month

Laundry services or a maid-About 1500 baht per month

Electric bill- About 2000 to 2500 baht but it depends on your appliances

Cable TV-About 200-300 baht for a basic package


Just keep in mind that you need to be very attentive when looking for a Bangkok condo as you will have to say at the staid place for a long period of time and you do not want to come to regret some aspects of the place after you have already moved in to the place you need to be very keen and you will never go wrong.